Project details

  • Principal Investigator: Dorota RosiƄska
  • Project title: Numerical tools for astrophysics of compact objects
  • Sources of funding: Foundation of Polish Science and European Union - Innovative Economy
  • Amount of funding: 326 660 PLN
  • Contribution of European Union: 277 661 PLN
  • Implementation period: 1.III.2013 - 30.VI.2015

Project motivation

A number of important problems in the astrophysics of compact objects have not yet been solved due to the computational limitations. The aim of the project is to improve the modelling of phenomena such as the stability of hot neutron stars in general relativity, stellar core collapse or the gravitational wave signal from compact binaries as well as rotating compact objects (neutron stars, strange stars, black holes) in the low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) and the motion of matter in their space-time metric. To optimise the speed of some computations the developed algorithms will be implemented on graphic card processors (GPUs), which allow massive parallel processing, and are thus particularly suited to problems in general relativity.